Best Carpet Stain Removal Tips

Carpet Cleaning: It’s Tougher than You Think

Carpets have become a key feature of modern-day homes. Our floors are just not the same without a carpet covering them, whether it is the dining room that you are talking about or the living room floor. But things become a little complicated when your once vibrant carpet becomes stained with an ugly stain.

It might be just a small blemish, but the carpet’s beauty becomes entirely tarnished. We know that some of you have been facing this problem for some time now. Otherwise, why would you be reading these lines? Well, even if your carpets are not stained with ugly blemishes yet, reading about the best carpet stain removal tips can still benefit you in the longer run. Plenty on offer to learn from this discussion, we can promise you that! 

Best Carpet Stain Removal Tips

Now that we have got you all intrigued, it is about time we shared the tips and tricks which can help you keep your carpet all neat and clean. But even before we do that, there is something that you need to understand. Not all stains are the same! 

Similarly, the carpet fabric differs tremendously from one carpet to another as well. This is primarily because of the great variety of carpets available in the market. Got it? Alright, here are the best carpet stain removal tips.

Have You Found The Best Commercial Stain Remover Yet?

We are not going to promote any commercial products here in this section but ask in your social circles about the best product. Maybe there is one product that can get rid of stains for you alright! 

How About Whipping up A Magic Carpet Cleaning Solution?

The ingredients are quite simple as well. All you need is some vinegar, salt, and water. Half a cup of vinegar ought to do the job, let the ingredients homogenize well before you apply it to remove the stubborn stains. For too stubborn stains, you can try adding a bit of corn starch as well.

Make Sure You Are Removing Excess First!

A butter knife or spoon can help you immensely in this regard. Removing excess is quite important because this will ensure that the spill doesn’t assume the form of a permanent spill. To achieve the objective of removing excess, all you need is absorbent cloth so that you can get out the excess liquid easily. Also, you must blot rather than rub to ensure that your carpet fibres are not completely damaged.

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Are You Sure You Are Not Over-Wetting the Stain?

This is a crucial mistake that many of the novices make. Over-wetting the stain will lead to more damage to your carpet fabric only. Hence, it is better to let stain removing solution sit in for at least ten minutes or so before you can continue with your blotting efforts. Getting the stain will be a lot easier if you keep this tip in mind! 

Blotting Using Cold Water Can Make All the Difference!

When it comes to blotting, there are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind. One, never use warm water for blotting since this is damaging for carpet fibres. Secondly, the direction of blotting should be outside-in and not vice versa. If you can keep these two points in mind all the time, we can assure you that the results of blotting will be what you are hoping them to be, exactly.

Are The Wine Spills Troubling You?

Worry not mate, worry not. All you need is some club soda to counter this problem. The fame that the club has earned as a stain remover over the years makes one think that wine spills won’t be a biggie for it either. And it is true! Now listen carefully, here is what you need to do. Pour the club soda on the damp area first. Then blot the stain, you can use a microfiber cloth for this purpose. Repeat until you are satisfied that the stain has vanished forever!

How to Scrape Off the Chocolate?

Who doesn’t love a cup of hot chocolate? Those folks who hate it falling on their carpets! That’s a joke answer but honestly, getting rid of chocolate stuck in your carpet is one of the toughest cleaning jobs that you can come across.

Why you ask? One, the chocolate piece can crumble and break down into even smaller pieces. Second, there is every chance that your carpet fabric will be the shade of dark brown if you are not too careful while removing it.

So here is what you need to do. You need to use a dull knife for this purpose. A plastic bag can be used if the chocolate has melted onto the carpet. Make sure to place the ice cubes on the stain to scrape off any remaining chocolate.

To get rid of any loose pieces or flakes, you will need to vacuum the area. Apply liquid dish soap to the stain to deal with any remaining chocolate and blot it out. Blotting sure has a lot of utility to offer as far as carpet cleaning is concerned! 

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Baking Soda Can Help You Fight Fat Stains

What do you have to do to get rid of fat stains that refuse to go away despite using the best detergents and washing powders? Sprinkle some baking soda on stains! And then maybe whip up a cup of coffee as the soda does its job in the background.

Once you are sure that soda has got fat, you need to blot the area with the help of a moistened cloth as well. Now we are not sure what colour the fabric of your carpet is. But a restoration of vibrancy is promised alright! 

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We wish we could have shared a few more carpet cleaning tips with you in this session, but unfortunately, we are bound by the limitations of time and space. We are quite optimistic that we managed to teach you a bit of magic alright!

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