Best 10 Tips for Post Construction Cleaning

Once all the construction Best 10 Tips for Post Construction Cleanings done, you might think that you are free. However, it is only the beginning. You need to get a cleaning done if you truly want to enjoy living in a renovated space. Generally, most people prefer to hire construction cleaning services Perth to ensure that their space is thoroughly cleaned. However, if you want to do the after construction cleaning on your own, the following tips will prove useful.

Best 10 Tips for Post Construction Cleaning

– Vacuum the Carpets
– Dispose of the Trash
– Sponge the Countertops
– Mop the Hardwood Floors
– Clean All the Windows
– Wipe All the Mirrors
– Clean All the Windowsills
– Dust the Fans and Ceilings
– Clear the Exterior Lights
– Remove Paint from the Hinges

1. Vacuum the Carpets

The first thing that you need to do after the construction is complete is vacuum all the carpets. The fact is that carpets tend to capture most of the dust and debris that is left after the construction job. It is even worse if the carpets had been lying around while the construction was being done. To ensure that your carpets are cleaned, you need to vacuum them thoroughly. For the best results, we advise you to hire a professional carpet cleaning service in Perth. When you vacuum the carpets, all the leftover debris will be removed. It will help make a huge difference. Besides, nobody likes a dusty carpet.

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2. Dispose of the Trash

Next, you need to remove all of the trash that has been left. When it comes to construction, there is bound to be leftover trash such as construction debris, plastic bags, paint trays, old coffee cups, and the like. You need to dispose of them for a safe and clean space. Make sure to properly dispose of the trash as there are safety regulations in place which restrict you to certain dumping grounds. Usually, professional construction cleaning services Perth are aware of such sites.

3. Sponge the Countertops

A layer of dust is most likely to form on the countertops during construction. It will need to be removed to reveal a sparkling finish. To get rid of dust and grime, you need to use a damp sponge and run it all over the surface. It will work wonders in restoring the beauty of your countertops. Do put in some effort to sanitize the space.

4. Mop the Hardwood Floors

Unlike carpet floors which require vacuuming, hardwood floors have to be mopped thoroughly. The same goes for other hard floors such as bamboo and tile. You need to use a clean mop to ensure that all of the dust is removed from the surface.

5. Clean All the Windows

A common mistake that homeowners tend to make once they have renovated their home is cleaning all the windows. Products like Windex along with a paper towel should do the trick. You can also prepare your very own organic window cleaning solution by using natural options. Once you have the cleaning product, you will need to apply it to a damp cloth. Then, use the cloth to wipe away all the dust that has been left behind.

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6. Wipe All the Mirrors

After you have cleaned all the windows, you need to proceed with cleaning the mirrors. If you fail to clean the mirrors, it will leave marks which will be difficult to clean later onwards. Besides, people tend to notice marks left behind by dust and dirt. To ensure that the mirrors have no dirty spots or streaks, you need to wipe them thoroughly.

7. Clean All the Windowsills

Windowsills are another part of your home that tends to accumulate a lot of debris similar to countertops. First, they need to be properly dusted. Then, wipe the windowsills to remove the debris properly. There is bound to be some stubborn debris that will require some extra effort. Once you finish cleaning all of the windowsills, your home will look a lot better.

8. Dust the Fans and Ceilings

You are not done just yet. When construction work is done, dust and debris fly all over the place. It also makes its way to the fans and ceilings. To achieve maximum cleanliness, you have to dust your fans and ceilings. Pay close attention to these areas as a huge amount of dust can easily accumulate.

9. Clear the Exterior Lights

The exterior lights also need to be cleaned as they build up plenty of dust and grime while construction takes place. This is why you should not forget to clean them.

10. Remove Paint from the Hinges

When getting construction done, paint can make its way onto the hinges. It is common for painters to accidentally touch their paintbrush onto the hinge. If the paint does not get removed, it will remain like a pesky stain. Therefore, you will need to also remove it.

Hire Construction Cleaning Services Perth

Post construction cleaning involves a lot of cleaning. We have only covered less than half of what construction cleaning services Perth does. Hence, it is always better to hire construction cleaning services Perth to ensure that your home looks its best.

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