How to Keep Your Office Carpet Clean

The Curious Case of Office Carpets

A carpet that meets the professional workplace demands can modify your office’s outlook, in quite a pleasant manner. The change from the mundane, boring outlook to a workplace that is serious about its business is of dramatic proportions.

However, there is just one flaw in this dreamy tale. Carpets can get dirty in no time! If your office or workplace invites a lot of foot traffic daily, well chances are high that your carpet will get dirty in no time, and that you will have to clean it regularly as well.

Your floor game might become a very strong one, thanks to the Persian carpet you have purchased just for your office. But one day, you will find things have gotten extremely dirty. And that’s when you will realize, your office carpet needs a cleaning job! 

How CanYou Keep Your Office Carpet Clean?

Now then, the answer to this question is precisely what constitutes the subject matter of this discussion. Well, there are multiple ways in which you can restore your office carpet to its former glory. You must do that as well since a dirty rag is less likely to make a great impression and win you the confidence of your business clients.

Any visitor would simply hate that! With that little caution, we now share with you, the tried and tested methods of office carpet cleaning. Try all of them, and thank us later when your carpet is back to its original, neat, and clean form.

Regular Vacuuming

This is one of the oldest hacks in the book when it comes to carpet cleaning. This trick works well for both office and residential carpets, and as you will see when you try it, vacuuming is a little more than just trapping and eliminating the little paper pieces.

If your office hosts a lot of guests often, then chances are quite high that each of these esteemed guests will bring a bit of dust or debris with himself or herself. We know that deal is quite important to you but is it really worth all that dust? If so, then make sure you are vacuuming regularly. This will keep your carpet in a neat and clean state, just the way you want it to be!

Remove Stains

That coffee spill refusing to go away? Or is it the little drops of grape juice that are marring the beauty of your office carpet and giving you absolute headaches? Well, whatever is the case, we are sure that a great commercial carpet remover can help you get rid of these stubborn stains from your carpet office. Of course, if you tackle the stains early, chances are high that you will be able to remove them easily.

The older a stain is, the tougher it is to remove it. One key point that you need to keep in mind when removing carpet stains is that you need to mop these stains out with the help of a wet cloth. A cleaning sponge can help you in this regard as well.

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Steam Cleaning

This method is also known as the hot water extraction method. This office carpet cleaning method can remove ninety percent of microbes and dirt infesting your office carpet. The method is an optimal choice if your carpet is covering an area that bears a significant burden of foot traffic. How can you steam clean your carpet? Here are the steps that you need to follow.

Hot water is applied to the carpet using a high-pressure wand. This helps dissolve thick dirt and dust as well as mud from the carpet. The pressure produced by this method and the hot water work together to extract all types of dirt and debris.

Then, the steam fluffs up the carpet fibers to provide the carpet with a much fresher look and feel. Another advantage that one gets by using this method is that the carpet becomes a lot softer post steam cleaning. Of course, you can steam clean your carpet all by yourself, but hiring an office carpet cleaning service like Office Cleaning Perth can help you in achieving perfect steam cleaning results. More about this service later!

Dry Clean Chemically

This cleaning technique is also known as a hot carbonating exchange. So what exactly is chemical dry cleaning? Well, in this method, a compound is used that releases tiny bubbles, whose purpose is to break up all the dirt entrapped in your carpet fiber. It just makes removing dirt from the carpet super easy!

Another bonus that you get with chemical dry cleaning is that this carpet cleaning procedure uses very little water as compared to other methods of carpet cleaning.

Say No to Dirt

Just put a mat at the entrance, you know? Prevention is actually better than treatment in this case! Also, how about choosing a carpet in neutral shades that will cover up the dust and debris for you? Sound like a great idea to us!

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Is Your Carpet Fabric the Right Type?

Office carpets are very different than residential carpets. Are you sure that you have picked out the right carpet for your office floor? Office carpets are woven while keeping the dust quotient in mind.

You Have To Clean It Regularly

Just because you cleaned it six months ago, doesn’t mean you don’t have to clean your office carpet ever again. Of course, you have to, so make sure that you make a cleaning schedule or something that you can follow to ensure that your carpet doesn’t become a permanent home to dust, grime, and microbes. Otherwise, not only are you tarnishing your carpet’s beauty, but you are putting your health at risk as well!

Don’t Feel Like Putting In An Effort? We Have An Alternative!

Now, we know that is a lot of work, which we have shared with you in the previous lines. If you are a busy professional or businessman who has just too much on his or her plate, chances are high that you are groaning at the mere mention of these cleaning tips.

Well, we have an alternative, just for you a lot! Hire Office Cleaning Perth to clean up your office carpet, just the way you want it to be cleaned. The service has some of the best professional carpet cleaners on its team, and we are sure that you will have no complaints once they are done cleaning your carpet. With that happy news, we bid you farewell from this space!