Perth Construction Cleaning: The Ultimate Guide to Get Your Home Sparkly

Are you getting your home or any office building renovated? Renovation process always leaves a lot of mess. With our qualified and trained cleaners, we offer you high quality professional construction cleaning services.

We have a professional cleaning company in Perth with extensive experience and expertise in after builder cleaning service. If you want to get rid of all the off your walls after renovation, just hire our professional construction cleaners team in Perth.

You cannot remove the plaster off your windows with the wrong tools because it can leave ugly scratches on the windows. Our professional cleaners have special tools and equipment though they do all the work without any damage or scratch.

We will remove all the paint marks from your floors to polish the sockets and switches; we will perform thorough cleaning in every nook and corner of your property. We assure you that all the traces of construction mess and residues will be removed.

We always use advanced equipment and cleaning material, we make sure that your property is restored back to its original form in no time. Some of our major services include:

  1. Plaster & paint removal from floors, bench tops, doors, frames, windows and more
  2. Thorough vacuuming and mopping of every corner.
  3. Cleaning fixtures and fitting in the bathroom and kitchen.
  4. Cleaning and sanitizing bathroom and toilet including all the accessories like shower, sink, toilet bowl and more

Services we provide!

Our professional construction cleaning services in Perth always provide quality and reliable cleaning services. Some details of the services that we provide are as follows:

Professional Builders Cleaning Services

Builders cleaning services are the best one for post renovation after builders have completed their renovation process. Construction builders always leave dust, dirt and debris all over the renovated property. It is the best time to call our professional construction builder cleaners in Perth. We will come immediately to perform any building work carried out at your property.

All of our construction builders cleaners in Perth are trained and specialized and do all their work efficiently. In order to clean a house properly after construction, you need to clean dust from every corner of your house. We also remove any packaging or stickers still attached to windows, glass or other household items.

When your home renovation construction project is finally done, it is the time to return the house back to the owners who can’t wait to go back to their dream home. You will be very pleased with our construction contractor who does their job in a few days to get the home spotless and fresh and to turn it from construction site into model home condition. Our professional cleaners will clean all of your property within time.

Perth Home Builders

Our construction company in Perth always completes their construction cleaning jobs to a high standard. Our professional new construction cleaning, new development and shop fit cleaning services are also available upon request.

Our Perth Home Cleaners offer you high quality cleaning services in all Perth including all areas and they will do part cleaning after minor renovation to a full builders clean. It also includes the interior and exterior cleaning of the house. Our property cleaning service will make your new renovations shiny.

All of our customers are happy with our services and understand builders’ cleaning is difficult but our expert cleaners will do their job in a professional way. All the cleaning after renovation is a tough task for our professionals and experts. They will do all the cleaning including any task.

Dual Story Apartment Construction Cleaners in Perth

Our professional construction cleaning is available for large multi office building companies. Dual story apartment cleaning in Perth is also part of our cleaning services. Multi story property owners in Perth also call us to do cleaning services for them. We will thoroughly clean all the mess after renovations and also our expert cleaners specialize in full building cleaning.

Households often hire our professional construction cleaner’s team to vacuum and wipe away all the brick dust and gyprock dust. Sometimes even the smallest renovation in your house requires thorough cleaning and our trained team will clean yours in one day. Our construction cleaners always use advanced equipment and organic products for cleaning.

Your House will sparkle after Cleaning

There are two situations that everyone faces after renovation or during moving out of the property. You also need a deep cleaning after every 6 months to get all the parts of the house cleaned. The second situation is a deep cleaning for vacating your home so you can get your deposit back or when you’re ready to sell, call our professional cleaning services team.

It will be very helpful for us if you provide the company with a list of anything that requires special attention. Our team will take care of every detail and do all the cleaning. People also hire our professional cleaner’s team during or after renovation to clean all the dust, debris and limber. They will clean your house and give it a new stunning look. Some of the cleaning services are as follows:

  • Use of pressure washers to clean interior and exteriors of the building
  • Deep cleaning of all windows frames and window sills
  • Cleaning all light switches and sockets
  • Removing all residue of building materials such as cement, paint etc. from floors, frames, windows and any other necessary place
  • Cleaning off dust that might have settled on the walls and other surfaces
  • Deep cleaning all skirting boards, doors and door frames as well as all glass and mirrors
  • Vacuum all carpeted area
  • Deep cleaning and polishing all wooden floors
  • Cleaning all radiators
  • Bathroom / Toilets- Scrub and disinfect toilet, Scrub and disinfect bathroom floors; Clean and remove all lime scale from bath, showers and shower doors; Scrub and descale bathroom sinks; wipe all counters and clean mirrors.
  • Bedrooms and Lounge; Dusting, cleaning and polishing all wood furniture, scrub, bath and polish hard floors.
  • Deep cleaning of window from both inside and outside
  • Kitchen area; remove all lime scales and wash down all wash hand basins, lean in, out and top of all cupboards, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines, ovens and hobs.
  • Polishing of all kitchen appliances
  • Cleaning all common areas such as lobby, car park, corridors, and lifts

Benefits of Hiring Professional Construction Cleaners

Technical Expertise

Our cleaning company never compromises with the quality work. Always make sure that the services team that you are hiring for a cleaning job has the necessary cleaning equipment and all advanced tools.

This is essential for performing all cleaning services in an effective and professional way. You can also check about the services of our company by consulting the customer reviews that the company has received from its previous clients. You can find these reviews online on our website of cleaning services in Perth.

Construction Cleaning Services for Commercial areas

Among all the cleaning services in Perth, our construction cleaning is known as one of the top-quality services. Our teams work well together and we can clean very large commercial offices quickly. Customers call us to clean up all the area.

People always have high expectations and focus on the importance of delivery excellence. Hence, we can assure that you will receive a premium quality of builders cleaning from us. We provide a clean site upon completion for both domestic and commercial clients. Our cleaning services checklists are as follows:

  • Paints remove from windows, floors, and frames
  • Remove all the stains from walls, floors and windows
  • Cleaning settled dust off furniture, walls and all other surfaces
  • Carpet vacuuming
  • Fixtures and Rails wiping
  • Surface and equipment sanitizing of bathrooms and kitchens
  • Electrical appliances exterior and interior cleanings
  • Rubbish removal
  • Removing of all the debris
  • Glass and window cleaning
  • Hard floor clean and care
  • Wall cleaning
  • High pressure cleaning
  • Floors and furniture polishing
  • All the common areas cleaning include garage and hallways

Why do you Hire Construction Cleaning Service Team?

  • Our cleaning staff are extensively trained to do construction cleans
  • We work to checklists
  • We are available at very short notice
  • We have the appropriate insurances
  • Our supervisors ensure quality control
  • Show Home quality look guaranteed
  • Customer Satisfaction is our number one goal
  • Very reasonable pricing

What Our Construction Cleaning Services Include?

The lists of our construction cleaning services are as follows:

  1. Removing all debris and rubbish from the site
  2. Remove dust, dirt, plaster, grout, paint and loose concrete from all areas
  3. Clean all rooms
  4. Remove plastic coverings from all appliances
  5. Wash down all walls
  6. Window cleaning inside and outside
  7. Clean, dust and polish all fixtures, door frames, window frames, skirting boards, door handles, bannisters, staircases, switches and sockets
  8. Steam Cleaning of all hard floors
  9. Deep cleaning of kitchen
  10. Sanitizing all kitchen appliances
  11. Deep cleaning of bathrooms, toilets and laundry (including fixtures, sinks, showers, baths and fittings)
  12. Deep cleaning of tiled surfaces and grout
  13. Cleaning inside and outside of all cupboards
  14. Steam cleaning of carpets
  15. High pressure wash all outside paved and concrete floor

Construction Cleaning services in perth

Advantages of Hiring Construction Cleaners

Some advantages of hiring professional construction cleaners in Perth are as follows:

Safety and Convenience: Construction debris and waste materials get left behind upon a project’s completion. Whether it is dust or larger scraps of metal, these items make it not only difficult to clean the property.

Our professional cleaners possess the proper safety gear and always come along with proper equipment to deal with varying levels of mess. This allows them to quickly clear out dangerous items safely and make a building look clean.

Proper Waste Disposal: It is one of the toughest tasks to clean all the dangerous waste materials, our professional post-construction cleaners in Perth are also well-trained on how we apply proper ways to dispose of them.

Because of the toxic nature of some of these materials, getting rid of them isn’t always as simple as throwing them in the garbage can. In fact, the process of removing trash from a property often requires specific laws and regulations. Our expert quality cleaners know where the proper waste disposal sites are located and will take extra care to ensure that a company is compliant with the law.

Cost-Effectiveness: Another important advantage of hiring professional post-construction cleaning service is the overall project budget savings. While it’s easy to assume that taking on the cleaning project yourself would be less expensive, but actually it is not true.

You will use all of your money in buying different equipment and products, but our professional construction cleaning services team will bring all the equipment with them.

Tools for Cleaning: Cleaning a construction site after the project gets completed is not an easy task. The tools and the cleaning products required for cleaning the construction site are complicated and expensive as well. A professional cleaner will provide you all the cleaning tools and is also well trained to operate the tools.

Who Provides Equipment?

Usually, our construction cleaners in Perth bring all their cleaning products and equipment with them. But if the customer discusses the first cleaning service session or asks them about the specific cleaning products, then we send our team members with all that equipment or products which they have told us about.

Building construction owners can tell the cleaning staff about their favorite cleaning agents. If someone wants to use organic cleaners then we will surely bring them with us.


Always hire a professional cleaning service team for post-construction cleaning tasks. The construction project is dangerous for all the workers and people involved in the construction project. It is very important to have a safe post-construction cleaning after project completion to avoid injuries.

So, you don’t need to worry, just book our professional construction cleaning services, we will take care of every detail. We always use high-quality detergents. Our construction cleaning services are available all over the week. You just have to book our appointment, our team will arrive on time and date that you have given to us. They will bring all the advanced technology equipment with them for better construction cleanup