What Is The Best Carpet Cleaning Method?

How DO You Clean Carpets?

We have to ask this question! We mean, the number of people that we have come across complaining about their dirty carpets suggests that a major percentage of readers is still clueless about the perfect carpet cleaning method. We have to say this, there are no one perfect method folks! What might work for your carpet may or may not work for another carpet.

Hence, if you have decided to take the task of carpet cleaning into your own hands, well you will have to try out a few methods before you can achieve the optimal carpet cleaning results. To save you from the struggle of finding the best carpet cleaning methods, we have assembled a list of the top five carpet cleaning methods that can help you immensely n your mission of cleaning your carpet to perfection!

The Top Five Methods of Carpet Cleaning

Because we simply hate beating about the bush, here are the top five methods of carpet cleaning. We know some of you are having nightmares because of the dirt and grime stuck between the fibers of your once expensive carpet. It is about time you overcome them and restore your carpet to its original glory! 

Steam Cleaning

This method is also known as the hot water extraction method. This carpet cleaning method is a super effective one since it can remove as much as ninety percent of microbes and dirt infesting your beautiful carpet. The method is an optimal choice if your carpet is covering an area that bears a significant burden of foot traffic.

How can you steam clean your carpet? We know some of you are already aware of this method, but it is worth revising concepts here. Hot water is applied to the carpet using a high-pressure wand. This helps dissolve thick dirt and dust as well as mud from the carpet.

The pressure produced by this method and the hot water work together to extract all types of dirt and debris. Then, the steam fluffs up the carpet fibers to provide the carpet with a much fresher look and feel. Another advantage that one gets by using this method is that the carpet becomes a lot softer post steam cleaning. And we all sure love a fluffy carpet! 

Carpet Shampoo

This is another popular method of carpet cleaning but which many domestic carpet cleaners don’t know how to employ correctly. There lies the essence of carpet cleaning! Using a method correctly versus just following steps blindly from a YouTube video!

It can make all the difference in the world! Now then, how do you shampoo your carpet? Well, the method involves the use of specific detergents which are applied to the carpet with plenty of water. The rotating brushes help thoroughly scrub the shampoo to help get rid of dirt and stubborn debris.

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Then, clean water is poured on the carpet to extract the shampoo. It is done until there is no residue left and the carpet finally has that clean outlook you are after so desperately! Just like you shampoo your hair, you can shampoo your carpet too using this technique!

Dry Cleaning

Many of the commercial cleaning services that offer carpet cleaning services use the dry cleaning method frequently. Because the method works most of the time, and because it is fairly simple as well, dry cleaning is yet another great choice for those who are worried because of stubborn carpet stains.

How do you dry clean your carpets? Quite simple really! A specific detergent powder (meant for carpet cleaning only) is applied to the carpet in question with the help of some water. In the next step, rotating brushes are used for propelling the detergent deep into the fibers of your carpet.

After the detergent has been applied to the fibers, a tool for specialty extraction is used to remove it as well as all the dirt and debris that have been trapped in the carpet. And voila, you are done dry cleaning your beautiful carpet! 

Foam Cleaning

This method of cleaning is also known as encapsulation. Services like Carpet Cleaning Perth use this method regularly to make sure that their client’s carpet is restored to its original glory. But if you want to dry this method all by yourself, well here is what you have to do.

First, you have to purchase what is called specialty foam. You can purchase one in your nearest shopping mall. In the second step, you will have to apply this foam to the carpet. Now don’t panic because once you apply this foam, it will begin to bubble up and then thicken as well.

It is what needs to happen because ultimately, it is this foam that will trap dust and debris. Yes, the same stubborn dust and debris that has been giving you nightmares! In the final step of foam cleaning or encapsulation, steam extraction is performed to remove this combo of foam plus dirt. And there you go, your carpet is restored to the normal state of neatness. Rather time taking but effective nonetheless! 

Bonnet Cleaning

This is another great carpet cleaning method offered by Carpet Cleaning Perth and similar services. WE are afraid that for this method, you will have to rent a carpet cleaning machine. The bonnet is quite an effective tool as far as cleaning carpets is concerned.

Rubs the shampoo homogeneously and traps all of the debris that is diminishing your carpet’s vibrant colors! Hiring a cleaning service like Carpet Cleaning Perth for bonnet cleaning is one great decision that you can make this weak!

Final Words

That would be all from this discussion for now. We wish that we could have shared a few more wonder tricks from the world of carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaning is a diverse niche, and as we mentioned earlier as well, what might work for your carpets might not work for someone else’s carpets.

There are so many tricks that we haven’t discussed in this space but which can help you immensely in your mission of keeping your carpet neat and clean. But we are still optimistic that you learned something new about the art of carpet cleaning from this discussion! It is on this optimistic note that we bid you farewell from this space.