What Is the Best Window Cleaning Method?

Don’t Ignore Windows When Cleaning! 

What’s the first thing that guests are going to notice when they visit your place unannounced? The better ones will notice the effort you are putting into entertaining them, but all that the fussy ones will be able to focus on are your dust-smeared window panes!

No kidding! Of course, their opinion doesn’t matter an iota but if you are telling us you will not be hurt by their snide remarks, we aren’t just buying that! So to save you from the hurt, and to keep your windows shining and glimmering anyways, we have decided to share with you, the best five methods of window cleaning. Plenty on offer to learn from this discussion, we can promise you that! 

Top Five Window Cleaning Methods

We don’t believe in testing our readers’ patience, so without any further ado, here are the best window cleaning methods that are bound to work for your windows like a charm! Or at least one will, we are quite sure of that!

Use a Squeegee

Squeegees are excellent in the sense that they promise clear and dirt-free windows. But what is even more promising is the short time in which you can get the job done with their help. Of course, you cannot be random and erratic when it comes to cleaning your windows with squeegees.

That’s likely to do more harm than good! The spots that will be left then will take an even harder job to get rid of them. But if you do it properly, chances are high that you will be super satisfied with the result. To ensure that the final results of squeegeeing are satisfactory, you have to wash your windows first. Do a good job in this step and we can promise you that your windows will be super clean by the time you are done squeegeeing! 


Bit of elbow grease, this method. However, chances that you will do a sparkling job of cleaning your windows are quite high if you board the scrubbing bus. What are you going to need to scrub your windows clean? Just the regular window cleaning weaponry! 

Here, the tools that we refer to include a scrubbing brush, water bucket, detergent (honestly opt for any, we are not advertising!), and of course, a clean cloth just to wipe the grime. The steps that you need to take are fairly simple as well. Rinse, clean, and repeat. 

Window Cleaning Perth

However, as was the case with squeegeeing, making sure that you exert your efforts in a homogenous manner is extremely important in the case of scrubbing as well. Here, the idea is to work along with particular angles and ensure that all of the window areas are scrubbed properly.

Some secret tips of the trade coming up, firstly use these small goods for nothing scrubbing brushes that are bound to frustrate you during scrubbing. Buy one of those long-handled ones! Secondly, use the scrubbing brush both horizontally and vertically but in equal terms. Otherwise, a very heterogeneous pattern will be left on the window panes that will make you want to bang your head in the wall every time you see it!

Spray Clean

Yet another method of window cleaning that produces very satisfactory results, provided you are doing it the right way. Spray buffing is one of the most popular methods of window cleaning, and the reason for this popularity lies in the convenience and ease of the method.

Of course, this is something that you cannot do on your own, which is why you will need to hire the services of a professional cleaning service. One trusted name that you can rely on in this regard is Window Cleaning Perth. The job that this service’s professional team will do would be super amazing, but we will let you try it on your own.

For now, we are more interested in sharing the details of the method. Well, a spray buffing method relies on a cleaning machine that gets rid of not just the spots but scratches and scuffs that tarnish the beauty of your window panes. Of course, here we are talking about the light scratches only, but sometimes it is just these blemishes that do the most damage.

So if you get rid of them, your window will be restored to its neat and clean state alright. Light dusting gets rid of dust, something that we almost forgot to mention! 

Dry Clean

Yet another popular method of cleaning that works well, not for just window panes but other items as well. One of the biggest perks that you get with dry cleaning is that no stains will be left on the glasses once you dry clean them. Next question is, how do you dry clean windows?

That’s easily answered. Instead of cleaning your dirty windows with the help of water, you have to use a chemical solvent. Again, this is one of those cleaning methods that require a dry cleaning machine. This means that you will need to hire the services of cleaning service like Perth Cleaning

It is one of the most effective ways of getting rid of dirt and grime off the windowpanes and we will recommend it to anyone who requires a quick cleaning service!

Wipe Well

Last but not the least, wiping is yet another effective strategy that you can employ for cleaning windows properly. What do you need to wipe your windows clean? A damp cloth, that’s all. Of course, some of you have already tried this method and used a paper towel.

But in our experience, wiping your windowpanes with a damp cloth is a more effective approach. One key point that you need to be mindful of while wiping windows clean is that you need to start from the bottom, and then move towards the top! Make sure you are exerting enough pressure, then poke your finger on the spot and wipe away the dirt remnants with the help of a clean rag. There, you are done! 

Final Words 

That would be all from this discussion. We wish we could go on and talk a bit more about windows and how to clean them methodically so that your precious time is not spent just wiping windows all day long. But unfortunately, we have run out of the space and time reserved for this discussion. Nevertheless, we are quite optimistic that your knowledge of the subject matter has increased considerably. On that optimistic note, we bid you farewell from this space!